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Lawrence Referral Network lays the foundation for grassroots networking opportunities in the Lawrence market. We understand the value of time which is why we want you to get the most out of your networking.

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Lawrence Referral Network

Welcome to the Lawrence Referral Network! We are a passionate group of business leaders who come together to benefit each other and the community through quality referrals, education, and outreach. LRN members promote each others’ businesses through networking, referrals, and knowledge sharing. We welcome members from all occupations and membership is available to one representative per job category.

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What Do We Offer?


Developing your network of local business connections doesn’t mean a lot, it means everything. We help build a collective network by creating strong relationships and sharing our experiences across a diverse group.


You are not a number generator. At LRN, our approach has always been focused on quality referrals as opposed to just meeting a quota. Trusted sources can help grow your leads and introduce you to new markets.


We are all individually committed to increasing the collective business acumen of our entire group. Our LRN members rotate as the weekly presenter to build industry specific knowledge and increase their impact as a referral partner.

Our Community

At LRN we pride ourselves in building a genuine, trusted partnership between all members to exponentially increase the value of our group as a whole. We are always looking to add to our network and to our community.

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We would love for you to join us and learn more about LRN. More importantly, we are excited at the opportunity to learn more about your business!

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